Write For Us

The Bullsheet (BS) publishes a wide variety of work, showcasing all forms of student expression. We encourage creatives and academics of all levels of experience to submit to the BS.

The BS will pay contributors for what is published, and we encourage them to include their published work in their resumes and CVs. Submission expectations, process and payment, are listed below.

Submission Expectations.
All submissions, if successful, will be published online on our site. Throughout the year, there are special print editions. The BS will select the best articles from the website to appear in them.

For all submissions, please mention in your email:
• Are you a current JCU Student, and what are you studying?
• Is this work a personal project or a university project? If a university project, please provide your lecturer’s email.

The BS will only edit and publish work after submission to a class. Submitted work should not be your first draft. It must be your best work.

Existing Work
The BS welcomes written works or creative works you have already produced. Your email should contain:
• A brief explanation of your piece.
• Why do you believe it is of interest to the students of JCU? What is the message you want to convey?
Remember to attach your piece to the email.

Suppose you have an idea to share but aren’t ready to commit to writing until we confirm our interest. In that case, our Editor is happy to accept an email from you. Your email should contain:
• What is the topic?
• Why are you interested in the topic?
• Why should the Editor and JCU students be interested in the topic? What is the message you want to convey?

Expression of Interest
If you are interested in writing for the BS but do not have a topic, you are welcome to express your availability. Email our Editor with the following information;
• Why are you interested in contributing?
• Do you have any areas of expertise?
Please attach a document, one-page maximum, displaying your skills in writing or artistic endeavours. It can be part of an assessment you’ve previously submitted, such as non-fiction, fiction or creative work.

How to submit
We are looking forward to seeing your work. We accept all submissions via email to our Editor.
Preferred formats;
If written, submit through a word document. If it is creative work, submit it as an image file (png, jpeg) or adobe export (pdf).

The BS prices vary depending on what you are contributing.
Below are our standard payment amounts. You may submit over the word or line maximum, but the payment will not continue to increase.

Fiction: $0.04 per word, paid up to maximum 1000 words = $40
Non fiction: $0.04 per word, paid to a maximum of 1000 words = $40
Poetry: $1.00 per line up to a maximum of 20 lines = $20
Photography: $5.00 low resolution / $10.00 high resolution
Meme: $5.00
Drawing: $30.00
Comic: $30.00

Our Editor will send a payment form to published contributors. Once returned, the transaction will be processed.

All submissions to be sent to