The Collision of Worlds


By Paris Morgan

Artist Statement

‘The Collision of Worlds’ is based on the ancient greek epic poem the ‘Odyssey’, and reflected upon the collision of worlds. It centres around five figures: three mortals: Penelope, Telemachus and Odysseus (left to right); two Gods: Poseidon and Athena (above and below, respectively). I created the whole piece to convey the intertwining and collision of worlds: the mortal and divine realms, the domestic and foreign worlds, and the past and the present. Athena holds the piece up as she supports and protects the mortals while Poseidon crashes his waves down upon them. Telemachus, present in both the domestic and the foreign adventure setting, acts as the physical collision of Penelope and Odysseus (as their child) as well as their respective worlds.


  • Program: Clip Studio Paint Pro
  • Hardware: Dell Latitude touchscreen laptop & Dell stylus

Paris Morgan
Bachelor of Education, Level 1 | Archive

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