Pressure. That’s all I feel around me. From within my heartbeat shakes me. I push through and I open my eyes. Emptiness is all I see. Was I dead? No- I’m just in the void between galaxies. I did it. I survived. At least for now… I still need to create the wormhole to hopefully connect close to the Andromeda galaxy. I clicked communications to see whether the radio was still in reach.

‘This is Commander Estrella reporting to Ground Command,’ the silence grew around me. 

I repeat myself. 

‘This is Commander Estrella reporting to Ground Command,’ I let my eyes close.  Am I completely isolated? How will I get home?

‘Commander Estrella this is ground command we hear you,’ the comms came through. Relief spread like wildfire through me. We prepped the comms as much as we could, but we had no idea whether it would work or not. The success fueled my body to continue.

‘I’m preparing the shock bomb to create the wormhole in T-minus five seconds,’ I flipped the switch and the rear end of the ship began rumbling. I quickly braced myself against the wall for the shock impact and possible blowback from the creation of the wormhole.. The glass window in front of me lit up, filling itself with colours of orange and yellow overlapping each other. It was as if the colours were competing, trying to take over each other to hold the spotlight. I became entranced in their game until suddenly they disappeared. I was back in the black void. I let out my breath. It didn’t work. I began to reach out to the radio to report the failure then the ship started shaking. I looked out the window and saw a northern light-like circle, at least the size of the sun if not larger.

‘Ground Command. It worked,’ I breathed into the transmitter.

‘Proceed’ it simply replied. My breathing had gotten faster and I couldn’t help but shake furiously as I reached for the comms. The gravitational pull towards the wormhole was taking me over.

‘Affirmative’ I placed the radio down and began to drive the ship towards the circle. The entire ship was shaking as it began to enter the wormhole. The orange and yellow lights shifted to cooler greens and blues as I accelerated through it.  They shined so bright I had to cover my eyes.

‘C a y u h e a   r   m    e?’ the radio faded into static.  My body began merging with the chair, held in place by sheer force. The ship was being thrown around like a child’s toy and along the way, I hit my head against the window. A thick metallic liquid started dripping down my head but I had to focus on the ship’s spontaneous movements until I came to a stop. I breathed heavily and I was too scared to open my eyes and see my body through ghost eyes. I can feel myself slipping in and out of consensus and knew this had to be the end for me.

‘Tap Tap’

I’m all alone and no one would know what has happened.

‘Tap Tap Tap’

I never got to properly say goodbye to everyone

‘Tap Tap Tap Tap’

The tapping on my window got repetitive and somewhat aggressive. This was not some rock. I opened my eyes.

And all I saw was crimson eyes staring back at me.

Harmony Mcglinchey

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