This blissful Sunday morning was spent with roommates, coffee, and high spirits. We played in the waves, and I was reminded of days growing up along the south coast. I remember what it’s like to be young and present, to forget my thoughts and be here, and now.

Image by Tiffany Dun

Today the wind is strong,
And there are baby waves,
Reminding me of a place,
And a time growing up,
Here in the city,
We’ve been so busy,
Moving around,
Chasing our dreams,
But what are we chasing?

Today we dance,
We jump in the swell.
Today we laugh,
We bodysurf knee-deep,
Today we play,
We hang onto stinger nets,
But are knocked off by waves.

On this Sunday morning,
I forget about time,
I forget about place,
I’m here in the water,
Feeling, bubbling,
Losing my mind.
The dreams we had
They don’t exist here.

Tiani Dun
Master of Science (Marine Biology) | Archive

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