‘Monotone’ is a piece that I really enjoyed creating as I experimented using only a single white brush against a black background. This is a drawing of a woman holding out her hands to cup a glowing white mystical ball. It was great practice to create a convincing glow, demonstrating how light interacts with objects – the hands and face of the person. I hope to have effectively contrasted the ball of light, representing hope and discovery, with the slight uneasiness and confusion in the expression cast by the light in the woman’s face, and the darkness of the background. Despite being a digital drawing, the grainy texture accentuates the traditional appearance of the artwork, and the monotone emphasises the feeling that I attempt to convey in this image. 

Medium: Clip Studio Paint Pro

Dimensions: 3000 x 3251

Erika Wiltshire
1st Year Pharmacy | Archive

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