Get to know your 2021 Student Council


Congratulations to the following students who were elected unopposed to the following roles!

You can read their policy statements below.


Emily Mulroy

Hey, I’m Emily and I am running to be the President of JCU Student Association with Ignite! It’s been incredible being your Townsville Campus Officer during this challenging year.

Throughout this crazy year, I have worked hard to get Association events back on campus, like Free Breakfast and supported club events this semester! This year has demonstrated the importance of a fighting Association as this pandemic forced many of us online and fundamentally changed the way we view our university. My role has given me the understanding of how to successfully lead a powerful Association, by which I believe I am the most experienced candidate.

I have had the privilege of being a part of the JCUSA team that has successfully fought for students rights and concerns. Such as the ‘Pause Week’ so our lecturers could prepare for the switch to online, demanding Census Date be moved back so students can experience online subjects first before they’re hit with the bill, Free Parking/Refunds this year because why should students pay what they can’t use, improvements to a fairer grades and of course supporting the Uni Bar being back open 3 days a week!

During my time as a student here at JCU, I’ve noticed changes to services on-campus; the supermarket & bookstore both gone and don’t get me started on the bottle-o. It’s not good enough that the university hasn’t provided replacements for students to grab lab coats, stationery or even easy access to sanitary items. As your Association President my vision for 2021 is to support a second hand bookshop so students have the on-campus and save the hassle of travelling around town. As your President, I will advocate to bring back what I believe are essential services to help you while at JCU.

We won the fight for free parking during the pandemic as many students didn’t have access to uni. Year after year, the university fails to deliver upgrades to parking facilities and wants you to pay more for less. As your President, I will continue the fight, such as keeping parking free, as it’s clear the university has no plans to fix this debacle.

As president I will continue to fight for genuine student consultation at JCU by demanding that democratically elected student representatives are a part of all teaching and learning committees. I will also fight to make the student members of the Academic Board democratically elected, like JCUSA and JCU Council, rather than chosen through eoi appointment by JCU executives. We deserve a genuine say in academic issues, and real student representation, not boards stacked with management’s mates.

I believe our Ignite team will continue the fight against unfair degree changes and will work to improve our student experience. Please take the time to read about our Ignite team and swipe right on Ignite this election! If you have any feedback you’d like to have a chat about, please email me a or message Ingite’s Facebook.


Thomas Sherrington

Hey guys, my name is Thomas Sherrington and I am running for Vice-President with Ignite! in 2021.

I’m a Law/Business student who has been living at Saints Catholic College for the past two years. During this time, I’ve met students who have travelled from across the world, everywhere from Ayr to Zurich, to pursue a world-class education at JCU.

Like all of these students, I’ve seen JCU undergo drastic changes over the past two years. These include the closure of the Co-op bookshop and the uni IGA, the recent completion of the $5 million Central Plaza, breaking ground on a new residential college and the unprecedented impact of COVID-19. While some of these changes have been positive, many of them have introduced issues JCU students have never faced before.

We need student leaders to fight for solutions to these issues to improve life for all JCU students. This includes a continuation of free parking, improvements to JCU roads, eliminating fees for necessities like uniforms and student placements and the establishment of a second-hand bookshop, just to name a few. Swipe right on Ignite! at this election and help our team fight for positive change at JCU.

International Officer

Cherie Lai

Hey everyone, I’m Cherie, an international student from Hong Kong and I am running for the position of International Officer of JCU Student Association with Ignite! 2020 has been an unexpected year that challenges us to endure a global crisis outside home. We had struggled from emotional, financial and housing problems, and not to mention the pressure from switching to online lectures and tutorials.

As an aspiring social worker, I have passion to listen, understand and walk with you. Hence, being an international student sub-committee member this semester, I have proposed a worker’s rights seminar aiming to prevent exploitation to students who are new to the Queensland laws and policies.

As your International Officer, my vision for 2021 is to let all voices be heard, including those attending externally. I am keen on working closely with our culturally diverse group of international student sub-committees to continue identifying our immediate and practical needs, strengthening the connections and support to our JCU cultural groups and multi-faith groups, and dedicating time to your feedback and suggestions in person and online. Swipe right on Ignite! and let our team be your partner on your university journey!

Townsville Campus Officer

Emily Gamze

Hey! I’m Emily Gamze and I am running for Townsville Campus Officer with Ignite!

I am a first year Law student and as we all know, 2020 has been a hectic year for everybody and was certainly an interesting way to start my degree at JCU!

I first got involved with JCUSA through the ‘Stop the Trimonster’ campaign with the College of Business, Law and Governance, and am continuing to fight against the sudden change.

Already changes have been made through the efforts of students fighting back and making
themselves heard through JCUSA. This opened my eyes to how important it is to have a
strong Student Association to ensure each and every student has a say about their education, university experience and are actually listened to.

As your Townsville Campus Officer, I will continue to support clubs and societies by
working to improve Free Breakfasts, make the grant process and registering events less
complicated and advocate to create a shared online resource for networking.

Ignite! is full of amazing, inspiring and hardworking students who want the best for every
single student’s university experience. If elected, I will fight for what is fair and to ensure
your voice is heard.

Postgraduate Officer

Peter Loa

Heya everyone! I am Peter and I am running to be your Postgraduate Officer of the JCU
Student Association with Ignite! this year.

Being a postgrad is tough work, there is usually more family and financial responsibilities with much less on-campus time. I hope to enhance our student services for post-grads while creating a better sense of community at JCU. We all deserve to be supported in our studies and my experience admining online groups on Facebook groups can only contribute to improving our disparate and widespread postgraduate JCU community.

Rei, our outgoing 2020 Postgrad Officer has worked hard to advocate for us at committees and nationally, so I am keen to build on Rei’s wonderful effort. I believe that the Ignite! team can only improve our fantastic JCU research and coursework community. Swipe right for Ignite! And let our team be your partner on your university journey!

Equity & Diversity Officer

Aaminah Khan

Hi! I’m Aaminah and I’m excited to be re-running for the position of Equity & Diversity Officer with Ignite! in 2021.

I believe that what makes JCU great is our unique student body. JCU students truly do come from all walks of life, and that diversity of identity and experience means we all bring something extraordinary and irreplaceable to the table. Simply put, JCU wouldn’t be JCU without its students. That’s why it’s important that all of us, no matter what our backgrounds, be represented in student life at every level: academic, administrative, social and beyond.

Over the past decade, I’ve served on more than a dozen JCU student committees, boards
and focus groups. As your Equity & Diversity Officer, I want to keep bringing the voices of
the thousands of students I’ve spoken to in that time to the attention of the higher-ups who need to hear them. Representation should reflect who we are: diverse in gender, sexuality, age, ethnicity, background and life experience. We’ve made great strides over the years, but there’s still work to be done. Swipe right on Ignite! at this election and help me continue the fight for a JCU that uplifts every student, everywhere.

Cairns Campus Officer

For the Cairns Campus Officer there were no nominations received so this position remains vacant until such a time where the new council members can act in accordance with section 6.5 (as per subsection 6.5.1b) of the JCUSA Constitution and section 4.6 of the JCUSA Regulations.

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