Get to Know Your  Councilors 2021 SP1


This week your counsellors answered the question

“What is something people may not initially expect about you?”

If you want the counsellors to answer your question, submit it here.

Thomas Sherrington | President

Something people might not expect at first glance about me is that I’m actually quite shy.

Dillon Weightman | Vice President

I did not get the chance to answer but I look forward to assisting the student body  and student clubs however I can!

Garrett Swearingen | Cairns Campus Officer

People are often surprised to know I’m originally from Sydney, having moved here for uni.

Brooke Shannon | Townsville Campus Officer

One thing people may not know about me is that I am quite musically inclined, and I took guitar lessons for a number of years.

Manisha Udani Kulasinghe | Equity and Diversity

At first glance people may not expect, I toured the West Coast of America for AFL at 15 years old.

Tien Thanh Ta | International Officer

I didn’t get to answer. Nonetheless, I look forward to meeting you and supporting international students!

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