Rainbow Lounge: The Beginnings of a Club


A new group of students aims to develop an LGBTQIA club on campus. The group of students has been working hard since July 2021 to organise the foundations of the club-to-be.

They held their first event in week 1 on Monday- a picnic at the central plaza! 

They experienced an amazing turnout. Snacking on grapes and giant doughnut pretzels members of the group chatted for two hours in between the class breaks on their first day of university this year. 

The club-to-be aims to provide a safe space for those out and those who are not, promote LGBTQIA+ education to JCU, become a fun social club with picnics and café meetups, and act as activists at JCU and in the local community.

They are taking precautions to ensure those who cannot be on camera are respected. Thus images provided don’t show all who attended the picnic. 

If you are interested in following their journey go to: https://linktr.ee/LGBTAlliance.JCU


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