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Yoga – NOT just a bunch of stretches


We invite you to have a life-changing experience for your Body, Mind and Spirit.

So, what then is ‘mind, body and soul’? Well, it’s the three fundamental aspects to being human or, in Yoga, being Yogi on the path of bliss. Most people think Yoga means a particular exercise; well, that’s a start to the infusion or medicine that prepares the body for the next stage. Yoga means unification, unification through expansion. Yoga is a science that evolved from systematic observations and experiments over thousands of years and the guidance of elevated masters. Yogis have gained a deeper understanding of the functions of body and mind and the relationship between the two. By practising Yoga, we experience the expansive and vast potentialities of the mind and realise who we are. This is the process towards perfecting our human existence.

By applying the techniques of Yoga, we gain a better understanding of our body and being and are thus better able to strengthen, control and direct our energy towards mental and spiritual achievement and ultimately on to perfection. This process is known as the Bio-psychology of Yoga. We start with the Yoga postures’ Asanas’ (posture held comfortably) which improve the glandular, nervous and skeletal systems, learn about food and how it affects the body and mind.

Socialising with like-minded people and the company of inspiring and uplifting people (the JCU Meditation and Yoga Club) will lead to your University year being positive, joyful and less stressful.

We’d love to see you at the JCU Meditation and Yoga Club, you can find our contact details on the JCUSA website.

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