Another Festival Bites The Dust


Groovin the Moo has been canned once again due to COVID-19 causing the dismay of thousands, but Fresh Produce saves the day.

Groovin the Moo 2017. Image Source.

The recent cancellation of Australia’s most popular festival, Groovin the Moo, has spiralled the internet into an uproar – fans and festival goers not afraid to show their disappointment.

 Cattleyard Promotions is sad to announce Groovin the Moo won’t be returning to tour around our beloved farmyard in 2021. Because of the current restrictions, the uncertainty of when they’ll eased and the amount of time needed to plan GTM, it makes it impossible to go ahead with their tour in the way that our famooly all know and love.

– GTM Official Instagram Post

Groovin the Moo further explained that 2020 tickets are automatically valid for the hopeful 2022 festival, although refunds are also available if preferred. Disappointed fans filled Groovin the Moo’s instagram comments; “Another year without festivals 👎”, “I was so keen … devastating”, “Not again!”. Although, some a little more optimistic than others; “Can’t wait for the comeback! Always bigger than the setback!”, “Going to be so epic when you return”. Others, sensible; “This really sucks, but it’s the responsible thing to do right now. We’ve all got to make sacrifices so we can return to normal.”

Although some more understanding than others, this recent news has disappointed thousands around Australia. The yearly festival typically visits six locations over three weekends – Maitland, Wayville, Townsville, Bunbury, Canberra and Bendigo.

Meanwhile, parents are celebrating the news. Popular music festivities like Groovin the Moo have been hotspots for drug and alcohol use – resulting in hundreds of emergency department admissions each year. GTM’s 2019 festival in Townsville saw almost 30 young festival goers admitted to the local hospital, most of those cases being the result of a drug overdose. After GTM’s inclusion of pill testing stations in their Canberra festivals for the past two years, there is hope Queensland will soon, possibly for their 2022 festival, implement stations in Townsville. In conducting pill testing, festival goers are able to be educated and make informed choices.

To be completely honest, this news has given me a breath of relief. I always worry about the safety of my children when they attend music festivals with their friends. I’m sure a lot of parents in my situation feel the same way. We have the best interest for our children at heart… One parent explained when asked about their opinion regarding the cancellation of GTM 2021.

JCU Groovin the Moo fans need not panic: Fresh Produce, a brand-new music festival, is set to take Groovin the Moo’s place in 2021. The festival will run throughout August, September and October, with two nights in each city (Bunbury, Maitland, Toowoomba, Glenorchy, Canberra, Bendigo and Wayville). Names including Lime Cordiale, Mallrat, G Flip, Cosmo’s Midnight, Spacey Jane and Hooligan Hefs are set to perform.

 The details for Townsville’s Fresh Produce festival are as shown below:

Friday 13 August and Saturday 14 August

Murray Sports Complex, Townsville, QLD


G Flip | Cosmo’s Midnight | Spacey Jane | Jack Gray | Jelly Oshen | Dizzy Doolan With Djs Ender | Very Casual Djs

Lime Cordiale | Mallrat | Hooligan Hefs
Miiesha | Hood Rich | Will Blume With Djs It’s Not A Wig | Very Casual Djs

“Thank you to each and every one of you for sticking with us – we can’t wait to return in 2022.” GTM wrote. 

Dates for Groovin the Moo 2022 are yet to be confirmed and released.

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