Morning Smiles


On a solo camping trip down Cape Hillsborough way, I am woken by the birds to a magnificent sunrise. Here, over 50 people gather to watch the spectacle, yet it seems to be mostly tourists capturing the kangaroos being fed by the park rangers. I wonder if some of them even see the sunrise or notice its beauty. In the city, we turn to our devices for entertainment and often forget to watch the shows that nature displays. Yet this morning, the sky is magenta, and I am reminded of the magic of being here on this planet. 

When the painted coloured start of morning smiles

For miles and miles.

When the patterned waves roll over sand

Sea to land.

When the kookaburras sing to us awake

With all at stake.

Is when the silent show is due to start

Us a part.

The islands drift, the sky alive 

It’s half past five. 

The light that opens up her face
A peaceful pace.

Outside the gates stand all the sheep,

Fast asleep.

They see the signs and don’t proceed

A sight indeed.

When treading east on the stretch of beach

All thoughts at peace. 

When the silver water covers dark rocks 

Forget the clocks. 

Where the sea is still, and sight is broader 

Out of order. 

We escape the highways and backed-up cars

To see the stars.

Tiani Dun
Master of Science (Marine Biology) | Archive

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