Student Association Election


When: Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th October (Week 11)

Elections for the JCUSA Student Council positions are approaching. This election will determine which students will be leading the JCUSA in 2020.

The JCUSA, or JCU Student Union, is a student run body that work as a non-profit for students. As any student association, the students who run it have to be elected as per the Constitution. This might sound familiar if you are currently or ever have been involved in a student club because the process is essentially the same. The major difference is that counsellors run an entity with full-time staff, funding, and connections with the university. Many students may not know that the JCUSA is a key body of the university. For example, many do not know that all sports run on campus like social and interfaculty are run by the JCUSA.

How does one vote? Voting is fairly simple as it is online however, you need to be signed up to the Student Association (as a free or paid member) to be able to vote. Then, it’s simply a matter of knowing who the runners in the election are. For the best way to get to know this year’s candidates, keep an eye on JCUSA publications, the Bullsheet and our Facebook page. There we will upload information on all candidates who are running, along with their policy statements.

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