Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat


Breaks between learning content should let you recuperate and give you a boost to power through the next session. Many of us, myself included, have made the mistake of turning to Instagram, Youtube or Facebook between online classes or during study breaks. No harm, no foul– as long as you can tear yourself away to get ready for the next interval.

Here are a few helpful break ideas to help prevent the unfortunate student condition of ‘accidentally’ binge watching an hour’s worth of unhelpful content. I find they work best if you don’t multitask and just focus on the activity, allowing your subconscious to mull over the recently covered content.

  1. Food. 

If you’re bored at home and waiting for an excuse to snack on something, dedicate your next break to some quick meal preparation. Here are some easy-to-make snack suggestions:

Fruit Salad – A staple for a sweet tooth.  

Platters – Cheese, crackers, tomato, avocado. Sprinkle some pepper on the top and you’re ready to go!

Toast – Can just be switched out for a sandwich, but why not cook some bread to take up a few minutes for your break. 

Smoothie – A great reward to have while you continue studying… if you have the ingredients ready beforehand.

Mug Cake – Health is overrated sometimes.  Instead of just grabbing out the ice cream or chocolate, use your break to ‘bake’ something! Click here for a link to one of my favourites

Tea or Hot chocolate – Since it’s becoming as wintery as we ever get in NQ, why not boil some water and flavour it. 

  1. Productive Activities. 

These breaks double as an excuse to practice some self care during this month of stress: 

Clean a Small Area – Your desk. Sweep and vacuum a room. Fold some of your laundry. 

Care for Your Non-Human Housemates – Hang out with your pets. Check their food and water bowls. Clean out their litter tray or cage. Play for 10 minutes or try and get your bird to learn a new song. Talk to your fish. 

Care for Your Non-Animalia Housemates – Water your garden for a few minutes. Check on your house plants. If you’re like me and forget they exist, give them a drink and some time in the sun. 

Care for Yourself – If you are like me and forget that you exist, fill up your water bottle and spend some time outside during this break. You need some sun too. 

Exercise – Do a 5 or 10 minute workout. Heaps can be found on Youtube. 

3. Brain Check-out Breaks.

Not the most productive or effective, but for those times you need to distract yourself and just… chill. 

Power Nap – Set an alarm, close your eyes and face plant onto your desk. It could just be the thing you need to keep pushing through the next class. Just make sure it doesn’t turn into an actual nap.

Craft – Learn how to make an origami crane or butterfly. Follow a drawing tutorial. Succeeding in the craft is not the point. The point is distracting yourself with some shiny creative skill you could learn. 

Expand Your Playlist – You have time to listen to a few songs. Why not see if you like what spotify has picked out for you?

Bullsheet Articles – Conveniently labeled with read time so you can make sure you’re finished before the break ends. 

These are just some ideas, you can add or subtract to this list to make your breaks work for you!

D.H, JCU Undergraduate Student

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